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Poděkování / Big Thanx

Rádi bychom poděkovali všem, kteří letos s woodcore gangem spolupracovali a pomáhali vytvářet (téměř) nemožné na počkání.

We’d like to say Thank You to people which have participated this year and helped us to make (almost) impossible in short terms.

Díky putují k těmto lidem / Thanx goes to:

Punky z Počeplic, Peťan Aback, Slávek Tesárek, Mona Josífková, Aleš Trojka, Zelda, Noro, Pepík, Robo a ostatní z psychiatrického bastionu X, Milanu Libichovi z Ravelinu 14, Žirafě Pavlíně z hospody u Prokopa, obsluze a paní vedoucí v Besedě, Tomášům (Karlíkovi a Fialovi) a vůbec celé Brutal Crew, zkrátka všem zúčastněným. Omlouvám se všem, na které jsem v tomto výčtu snad zapomněl, nehledejte v tom úmysl.


yesterday we finished the plan. but not time to make any statisticss, we have to celebrate the succes tomorrow by another job – we have to make stairway to heaven toilets

3 days to finish – FUCKING BASTARDS!

So we have 3 days to finish, woke up at morning, went to our working place and had found this.

destroyed benches


we had to repair all the broken benches, it took 3 hours of work and it’s still not ready 🙁

so the message for that bastard who made it: Let your dick dies in pain every time you wanna fuck!

Brutal Assault 2015 – making benches again

Hi all, we are glad to see you are interested, and we are bringing new benches to you. Right now we are making whole new design of benches at Josefov fortress. More space for your bottoms at benches, new comfortable deckchairs and some retro-design benches. Send us your photos with the woodcoregang bench at BA 2015 until the end of August and the best action shot will win one special garden bench from woodcoregang. See you soon!


100 benches done!

Finally we’ve finished the job at 14 days. Basic score:

* 2 men
* 14 days
* 100 benches made (to be correct: 103, but we gave 3 of them to others)
* 70 pallets destroyed (or ‘remastered’ ;-))
* 10.000 nails removed
* 1000 planks ripped of pallets
* 3000 screws screwed
* 800 cuts with hand saw
* 250 beers drunk


woodcore Gang

We accept any other challenges of the woodcore stuff, contact us at


Woodcore gang at Brutal Assault 19

Just looking around and doing our ‘commercial’ jobs’n’stuff’n’so on, finally a friend of mine told me that he’s looking for some man, which would change all these pallets from previous years into benches. And because I had nothing to do and some experience, I called my friend Masat and we managed a trip for a week or two to Josefov fortress.

While I’m typing this, Masat is preparing next pallets, now after four days we have finished about 45 pieces from 100.

Very first nearly finished settles